How does argemApp method work?

Over the years we have gathered an entire database of information that is based upon astrological observations. This information can be used to make a decison which playing position is most suitable for different players, based on their birthday.

Primary goal of creating this website is for us to share our method with the world and make it available for everyone to use and try. If you are just starting to play football or if you are a veteran player, our hope is that by using our method you will be able to improve your football performance.

By inputting your birthday into the form on the front page you will receive direct information from our database that will tell you which playing position you are most suitable for (attack, middle or defence).

Based on our observation our method works for most people, but is not suitable for everyone. You can test this yourself by inputting a birthday of a well known football player that you like and you might be surprised to find out that our recommendation for them would be to play on a different position. This happens, because some of the very skilled professional players are outline examples for which using our method can not work properly. However as mentioned the method works well for most people and can be used for recreational or professional players with great effect. The exceptions prove the rule.

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